Weeks End (beats to wind down to.)

This mix was inspired by my personal need to wind down after starting the school year up again. I normally have a good amount of anxiety when it comes to school, and the songs chosen helped in bringing me back to a good place. So whether you’re looking to chill/sleep/smoke/create hopefully you find some value in it as well.

Just like last time, the download links for all songs used are provided below so that if you enjoy a song you are able to keep it, as well as use them in your own projects.

Photograph in the video was taken on Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco.

Soundcloud Stream: https://urlgeni.us/soundcloud/weeksend
Instagram: https://urlgeni.us/instagram/uzernayme

00:00 Kupla – Still Breathing

DL :https://kuplasound.bandcamp.com/track/still-breathing

1:27 Fantompower – prelude/with u

DL: https://fantompower.bandcamp.com/track/prelude-with-you

3:27 Lost Son – it’s raining again

DL: https://lostson.bandcamp.com/track/its-raining-again

4:55 Lost Son – Homecoming

DL: https://lostson.bandcamp.com/track/homecoming.

7:03 Vast Moyie – Water Wheel

DL: https://vastmoyie.bandcamp.com/track/water-wheel

9:43 Vast Moyie – Corrus Mistress pt. 333

DL: https://vastmoyie.bandcamp.com/track/citrus-mistress-pt-333

12:06 Fantompower – other life

DL: https://fantompower.bandcamp.com/track/other-life

13:32 Ninjoi – Misty

DL: https://ninjoi.bandcamp.com/track/misty

For Promotional Purposes Only.

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